Bob Redford on the Phone? Tell Him I'm Busy

02/04/2008 02:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

With Super Tuesday almost here I'm getting three calls an hour from my "close personal friends" Ed Begeley Jr. and Sally Field pimping some candidate or proposition. If I'm on the fence over whom to vote for do I study up on the issues or take the word of the Flying Nun?

And for that matter, do I want Martin Sheen knowing my home number?

I have half a mind to call Senator Barbara Boxer's office, get her on the phone and say, "Yes, I'm returning your call."

On the other hand, I got a recorded call from Larry Gelbart last night asking me to keep picketing until the WGA strike is resolved. Even a recorded call from Larry Gelbart is very exciting to me.

But returning to politics, here's a novel concept: how about thinking for ourselves? Or at the very least realizing that celebrities are there to merely amuse us and that when we do need to seek the counsel of others we turn instead to people who actually are qualified to help - namely BLOGGERS.

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