Operation Desert Date Night

05/25/2011 12:15 pm ET
  • Ken Levine Emmy-Winning Writer/Director/Producer, MLB Announcer

What a surprise! The Kingdom tanked at the boxoffice. The Valley of Elah did even worse.

Who greenlighted these projects? It seems to me when we're in a war that most Americans disapprove of, why would we want to see movies about it?

The marketing department for The Kingdom must've got an inkling of that. Every other day they changed their campaign trying to reposition the movie.

First it was a political thriller. As current as today's headlines. Twists and turns. A game of cat and mouse. Betrayals and subtitles. Lots of sand in the trailer.

Then it was a love story. Operation Desert Date Night.

And then finally, it's a Jamie Foxx action flick. He runs. He jumps. He fires weapons. There are explosions. It just happens to be in Saudi Arabia but it could just as easily be Compton.

I imagine a fourth campaign, featuring supporting player Jeremy Piven, was also in the works -- Ari Gold is called upon to settle the Middle East crisis.

The time for these movies is when we have some distance. And there are probably five more of these pictures in various stages of development and production (hopefully the Farrelly Brothers aren't remaking Lawrence of Arabia with Dane Cook).

So it's one thing for the country to be torn by this war and our standing in the world severely tarnished, but now it's effecting Hollywood. Now it's impacting weekend sales.

Enough is enough. It's now time to end this war. Ideally before the kids are out of school for Christmas break.

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