01/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Billionth Article on Jennifer Aniston

Boy, can Jennifer Aniston promote a film!

Have you opened a paper or magazine or logged onto HuffPost in the last two weeks and not seen Jennifer Aniston? Did she finance Marley & Me herself? Granted, when your comedy co-stars are a guy who once tried to kill himself and a dog it's understandable that you'll be doing most of the interviews but still. Does anyone have her publicist's number? I bet I can get her to come on Dodger Talk with me on KABC. If you have an Internet podcast give her a call.

As HuffPost readers know, she recently posed nude for GQ magazine. Makes sense. That's how I would promote a family dog movie opening Christmas day. You can find the photos on this page, although you probably have already checked them out. And more than a few of you have made them your wallpaper.

I can't think of a single box office smash she has starred in. And yet, she receives this much attention. What it says to me is this: Jennifer Aniston is an official movie star.

She's got everything it takes. She's beautiful. She shows her breasts. She's been dumped by a movie star for another movie star (that's worth almost as much Hollywood heat as an Oscar), she dates other movie stars or rock stars, she's not a Scientologist, and she gives really pithy quotes like, "What Angelina did was very uncool."

So what if her filmography contains Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, Derailed, Rumor Has It, and Leprechaun? She gets on the cover of GQ. She's on HuffPost as much as Anne Hathaway. She shows up at premiers with John Mayer. The paparazzi count the number of times they hear her toilet flush.

About ten years ago I was in a movie theater on a Sunday night. Half empty house. Jennifer and Brad came in and sat down right in front of me. He looked scruffy, she needed a shampoo and was wearing glasses. No one bothered them. No one really gave a shit actually.

Here's why at the end of the day I like Jennifer Aniston:

There's no way she could do that today. There'd be photographers on my lap shooting the back of her head. There'd be guys on their hands and knees picking up her discarded popcorn kernels after she had left. And for all the attention and hype and fans who wear "Team Aniston" T-shirts, I bet she misses those days when she could just sit in the dark and be a schlump. That's what I think the public senses too. She's a glamorous movie star but she's still one of us... occasionally... sometimes... on that odd Sunday. But that's enough. And that's why ultimately her fans love her. And I do too -- just not enough to spend eleven bucks to see her in a movie about a dog though.

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