What Do You Mean There's No Midseason?!

05/25/2011 12:20 pm ET
  • Ken Levine Emmy-Winning Writer/Director/Producer, MLB Announcer

The last time the writers went out on strike it was March, right
at the end of the TV season. We
were out three months before the AMPTP even knew it. This time our
work stoppage has caused a lot more
havoc. January is traditionally
the time when midseason shows premiere, existing hits resume with new
and the Golden Globes herald in the much anticipated season of
award shows. But not this
year. Here in '08 look for a
barrage of reality shows, two or three remaining episodes of your
scripted shows, recycled cable series (CBS airs Dexter but turns it
into PG,
which I suppose means instead of killing people he just lectures them),
American Idol.

We all just take it for granted that TV's second season begins in
January. And it got me thinking --
what else do we just take for granted?
What else won't we appreciate until they're gone? Here are a few I've
of. I'm sure you can provide


Vin Scully will always broadcast for the Dodgers.

Email will be free.

The Clintons will always be married.

That Twinkie you ate in 1993 will leave your system.

Major airlines will provide pillows and blankets for free.

Time won't run out on Jack Bauer.

There will always be Yankee Stadium.

There will always be record stores.

"Paul Harvey...good day!"

Gasoline will always be at the bargain price of under four dollars
a gallon.

Major sporting events will be on free TV.

You'll be able to hear the Beatles on the radio.

Tattoos will always be in fashion.

There will be three new Woody Allen movies a year.

There will always be new games for your Playstation 2.

The Lakers will always finish higher than the Clippers.

Labor Day will mean the Jerry Lewis telethon.

There will always be newspapers.

Roger Clemens will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Sharon Stone will think you want to see her naked in a movie.

Splenda is good for you.

Manny will be Manny.

There will be anti-trust laws.

The New York Giants and New York Jets will always play in New Jersey.

HBO will always have better original shows than Showtime.

There will always be one or two groups on tour calling themselves
"The Beach Boys".

There will be Marlins in Florida and Pirates in Pittsburgh.

Your little TV with rabbit ears will always get a signal.

You'll love it at Levitz.

There will be a Saw VI.

There will be a Rocky XXVI.

There will be rainforests.

There will be a New Orleans.

There will be a United States of America.

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