10/29/2007 03:18 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

World Series Notes from My Couch

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox who won the World Championship by beating the Cleveland Indians and then had to fulfill their obligation to Major League Baseball by playing a National League team.

For the Colorado Rockies the fairy tale ended the way "Into The Woods" did. But kudos for a great year. And they play the Dodgers 19 times next year so they have a good chance of repeating.

At least with a sweep we are no longer subjected to Tim McCarver. Was there even one sentence he didn't begin with "We talked about this, Joe..."? Thank God for radio and Jon Miller.

With all the cameras Fox had capturing the reactions of every person imaginable, I'm only sorry they didn't have a camera in Johnny Damon's house.

I did enjoy the close-up of Red Sox co-owner Tom Werner yawning with two outs in the ninth - thus expressing the sentiments of most of the nation. It was the best owner shot since Jane Fonda was caught sleeping during a Braves playoff game.

Will World Series MVP Mike Lowell be replaced next season by A-Rod?

Nice classless touch of his uber agent Scott Boras to announce that he was opting out of his contract with the Yankees during the game. Reason given: Rodriguez was concerned over all the instability of the Yankees' situation. Real reason: Boras has another team already lined up - not that that's kosher - not that he cares.

Alex Rodriguez will play for any manager and with any teammates if they pay him the most money. He'll grow a beard and join the House of David if they come up with $240 million.

By the time catcher Jason Veritek leaped into pitcher Jonathan Papelbon's arms the MLB.COM website was already offering Red Sox World Series championship merchandise. Get yer Manny do-rags in four decorative colors!

For the Red Sox it must be tough playing on the road to only 20,000 of their fans instead of the 37,000 who sell out Fenway every home game. And not being allowed to use a Designated Hitter in Colorado, Boston got a two RBI single from a pitcher and a pinch-hit home run from a utility infielder.

A year ago Jon Lester was undergoing chemotherapy. On Sunday night he won the clinching game of the World Series. How many producers do you think are standing in line to get the rights to his story?

Will Jonathan Papelbon show up this February sweeps on Dancing With the Stars?

For the $103 million it cost Boston for Dice-K, it was Hideki Okajima who really shined.

Only seven of the players from the 2004 championship team were on this squad. Notably missing during the on-field celebration were Johnny Damon, Derek Lowe, Bronson Arroyo, Drew Barrymore.

Remember when the World Series was exciting? Remember when both teams were tough and equally matched and not just a juggernaut vs. schmuck bait? The last Game 7 in a World Series: 2002. And at the time that was the lowest rated WS. God knows what the numbers will be for this year's fall classic. It may become the Viva Laughlin of premium sporting events.

Again, congratulations to the Boston Red Sox. The best team swept.

When do pitchers and catchers report? I already miss baseball.

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