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Ken Solin
For 20 years, author and lecturer Ken Solin has worked with men to help them move beyond the issues that limit their lives. Both men and women follow Ken since his work deals with issues that affect both, particularly in relationships. His Facebook Page is
His website, offers articles and a documentary about men and relationships, and his new book, Act Like a Man is available on Amazon in print or Kindle versions.

Ken's new book is about boomer dating, You Gotta Have Heart-To Find Your True Love Online.

Ken's page at is Senior Living where he shares his sex, dating, and relationship experiences.

Ken is also Dating Coach. His interaction with tens of thousands of readers has given Ken a unique approach to boomer dating. Best contact for dating coaching is

Entries by Ken Solin

What I've Learned About Living Life To The Fullest As I Approach 70

(0) Comments | Posted March 19, 2014 | 6:00 AM

A recent birthday brought me to within shouting distance of 70. My thoughts associated with this unexpected but appreciated event are focused on the great energy and confidence I'm feeling about my life. I'm fine tuning it and making adjustments along the way to ensure the joy continues....

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5 Easy Ways To Scare Off The Person You're Dating

(2) Comments | Posted February 21, 2014 | 4:22 AM

My clients have shared a fair number of first date stories with me. While some are amusing, others reflect a surprising lack of social skills. Maybe it's time to rethink boomer dating, especially if you're a newbie.

Health Woes
A client told me about a fellow she met for...

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Leave Your Libido Home On First Dates

(1) Comments | Posted February 6, 2014 | 5:04 AM

Most boomer guys realize that pressuring a boomer woman for first date sex is inappropriate, but the number of complaints from women indicates some guys didn't get the memo.

Sexually fueled rocket rides crash and burn, so boomer women reject that mode of relationship transportation. A boomer woman who's...

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Sex In The Bermuda Triangle

(26) Comments | Posted January 7, 2014 | 5:45 AM

Not The Maritime Or Anatomical
There are three Bermuda Triangles boomer men can get lost in. The first is in the Atlantic Ocean. The second is a crude reference to a part of a woman's anatomy some men insist they routinely get lost in. The third is boomer...

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Boomer Guys and Aging Well

(0) Comments | Posted December 20, 2013 | 12:02 PM

Poor Rupert

I contributed to a recent article in the Sunday New York Times, Styles section. The topic was men and aging, and featured Rupert Murdoch who is single again. (Lock up your daughters.) The Huffington Post had already reported that poor Rupert can't decide about a hair...

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Boomer Women's Dating Faux Pas

(61) Comments | Posted November 25, 2013 | 4:38 AM

My last article encouraged boomer women not to give up dating, and suggested women reconsider if they have. While boomer dating can be emotionally exhausting and disappointing, couples do meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after.

Disclaimer: Since the last article focused on men's dating behavior,...

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Boomer Women Who Give Up Dating

(329) Comments | Posted October 30, 2013 | 6:59 AM

Making A Point
It's virtually impossible to express a strong point of view about dating, sex, and relationships without provoking anyone. When I hear a boomer woman say she's given up dating, my knee jerk reaction is to argue against her decision. Giving up dating conflicts with my lifelong...

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First Date Frogs

(35) Comments | Posted September 10, 2013 | 5:19 AM

A Plague of Frogs
A boomer first date can be an unnerving experience and a double-edged sword. Sure, there's a lot of excitement and some sweet fantasies attached to meeting someone new because there's always the chance they might have partner potential. But the other side of this is...

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Who Gets A Second Shot?

(8) Comments | Posted September 4, 2013 | 6:31 AM

Boomers, and particularly those recently out of long-term relationships, frequently find it puzzling to decide whether or not a second date is warranted. A common response from the question, "Are you going out with him or her again?" is typically, "I don't know, I just can't decide." A dating dry...

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Are You Typecasting Your Dates?

(52) Comments | Posted July 17, 2013 | 7:48 AM

Gangsters And Girlfriends
We all have favorite character actors we love in their typecast roles. James Gandolfini was my all-time favorite gangster because he brought such a wide range of emotions to his character. His face could show joy, sadness, anger and wild-eyed craziness simultaneously. James Gandolfini...

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Dating With Expectations

(31) Comments | Posted June 21, 2013 | 5:14 AM

What's Fair?
Expectations typically disappoint, but knowing this doesn't prevent us from having them anyway, especially around dating. Assuming you can't give up your relationship expectations, what are some fair and unfair ones to have about a new man or woman in your life?

Scary Stuff

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20 Traits A Boomer Man Wants In A Boomer Woman: Redux

(384) Comments | Posted May 16, 2013 | 7:29 AM

Don't Rely On Luck
A year ago I wrote an article listing the 20 qualities I wanted in my next boomer lover. It garnered more than 1,000 comments, both supportive and critical.

While a fair number of commenters agreed that having a list was smart dating,...

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Wild Monkey Sex

(186) Comments | Posted April 17, 2013 | 7:30 AM

Rodeo Rides
While having sex isn't any boomer's first rodeo, having wild monkey sex may be less familiar. What's wild monkey sex? Imagine the hottest sexual fantasies you ever conjured up, becoming your reality. But here's the thing that makes it somewhat elusive; you won't be having wild monkey...

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Why Boomer Women Are Perfect For Boomer Men

(1037) Comments | Posted February 7, 2013 | 5:41 AM

What drives men over 50 to pursue women is as primal as social. We'll always be hunters. Over 50 men are able to start second families, albeit with younger women, but not the other way around. My point isn't what's fair or unfair, but rather that many boomer men date...

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5 Surefire Tips For Men On Valentine's Day

(10) Comments | Posted January 19, 2013 | 7:14 AM

Every woman appreciates chocolates, negligees, dinner out and other gifts that a man can buy. But what gifts can a man give to a woman she can't buy (in addition to a teddy or fancy dinner), that reflect his love?

Here are a few suggestions your wife or girlfriend...

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(450) Comments | Posted October 6, 2012 | 9:27 AM

Ann Brenoff's "9 Reasons Why Arnold Is An Icky-Doo," while oddly titled, makes a strong argument about trust. Arnold Schwarzenegger's behavior doesn't inspire any in his wife, kids or friends. As a longtime fan of Arnold's, I'm disappointed he's an untrustworthy man. I looked up to him for...

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Be Your Own Hero

(33) Comments | Posted September 4, 2012 | 10:07 AM

A man who runs into a burning building and saves someone's life is everyone's notion of a hero. The opportunity to perform that level of heroism is rare. That's likely a good thing.

Unless you're a fireman, policeman, or soldier, all of whom assume daily risk, there's another less dangerous...

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Openhearted Dating

(70) Comments | Posted August 10, 2012 | 8:19 AM

It's a cold, hard world, and that includes the dating world. Meeting a total stranger I've contacted for the first time online makes me feel anxious. There's no trust, and far more questions than answers. None of this puts me into an openhearted space, but I push past that feeling...

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What 1,000 Boomer's Kids Did This Past Weekend

(8) Comments | Posted July 9, 2012 | 4:49 PM

The second annual World Domination Summit (WDS) was held in Portland, Oregon, this past weekend. It was a real eye-opener for me. I know, World Domination Summit sounds scary, right? It turned out to be 1,000 men and women, most in their twenties and thirties, who gathered for a weekend...

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Dating Over 50: Going Slow Instead Of With The Flow

(197) Comments | Posted July 2, 2012 | 6:59 AM

I've met some fascinating and accomplished women, and I'm becoming more comfortable around the dating process. It does, however, continue to present its challenges. I still feel anxious when I reject a woman's online invitation, or when a woman rejects mine. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and I...

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