04/18/2013 11:13 am ET | Updated Jun 18, 2013

Animal Adventurer Bucket List Hotel Guide (PHOTOS)

The World's Wildest Hotels from the Experts at Kensington Tours

Some are castle addicts, epicurean enthusiast or history buffs, others are in search of adrenaline thrills, sun and sand or souvenirs but there's a certain type of traveler for whom it's the encounters with the animals we share our world with that takes a vacation and turns it into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

But why go out of your way to heed nature's call? Let creatures great and small come to you by staying at one of the globe's best animal hotels! From eating breakfast with giraffes, making friends with ring-tailed lemurs and sipping cocktails with an elephant, to warming up by the fire as you watch polar bears and swimming with seals, here is a list of the world's finest safari camps and jungle lodges for animal adventurers to add to their bucket lists. Designed by the global experts (and self-proclaimed animal lovers) at Kensington Tours, this hotel guide is guaranteed to put you right in the heart of where the wild things are.