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Top 10 Must-Sees In Myanmar (PHOTOS)

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Kensington Tours
Kensington Tours

"It is quite unlike any place you know."

Rudyard Kipling could not have been more accurate in describing Myanmar (formerly Burma). To many travelers, Myanmar remains a mysterious place of undiscovered treasures, unknown to tourists and kept away in isolation. As Myanmar slowly welcomes back globetrotters from around the world, the myths and legends of this golden land become more real than ever!

Leave the ordinary behind and travel to this land now emerging from ancient times and finding its place in the hearts of travelers. Myanmar boasts a plethora of spectacular sights from fields of ancient temples and unspoiled stretches of white sand beaches to mythical caves and picture perfect sunsets. Fall in love with the authentic customs and traditions of the world's friendliest people. Don't be surprised if monks and nuns share the same status as rock-stars and celebrities -- it is truly unlike any place you know.

Take a look at the 10 must-sees in Myanmar handpicked by experts from Kensington Tours and let them inspire you on your next adventure!

Top 10 Must-Sees in Myanmar
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