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The Significance of April 15th for North Korea

Missiles have been moved, the Kaesong Industrial Complex is on the brink of a complete shutdown, and the world is waiting to see whether Kim Jong Un's militant rhetoric is all one giant bluff. Very few can divulge with any accuracy what is really happening in North Korea simply because it's a "closed" nation rarely allowing international journalists inside. But one thing is very clear about North Korea and that is preparations to demonstrate love of their "Eternal President," the late Kim Il Sung.

It would be completely wrong to say North Korea's current leader will necessarily stand down on his recent threats. The nation has been engaged in multiple confrontations with its southern neighbor over that past fifty plus years. Thankfully, none of these confrontations, which included the 2010 artillery bombing of Yeonpyeong Island, sparked a second Korean War.

It is safe to say that North Korea will implement some form of military activity in the nearing days ahead. What exactly that activity will be remains unknown however it is a safe bet that the activity will include another missile launch test. To be even more precise, it is safe to assume if this were the case, the test itself will evolve on April 15th.

April 15th is a significant date for North Korea. It is the birthdate of Kim Il Sung. He is construed as North Korea's "Eternal President."

There is greater significance beyond just the office held between the former North Korean leader, Kim Il Sung, and their current leader Kim Jong Un. The link between the two comes by a rarely spoken of yet incredibly important female by name of Kim Kyong-hui.

Kim Kyong-hui is often construed as one of the last living "old guard" within North Korea's communist dynasty. She is Kim Jong Un's aunt and just so happens to be the daughter of North Korea's "Eternal President." Many intelligence analysts who focus on Asian affairs believe Kim Kyong-hui is the true leader in North Korea today as she is the one who specifically instructs Kim Jong Un on every decision he makes.

Kim Kyong-hui can be seen in many images coming out of North Korea. She has stood at the side of her nephew in recent photographs and has also been seen at the front of the 2010 3rd Party Conference where all North Korean leaders were in attendance. She has served as a motherly figure to her nephew Kim Jong Un and many analysts believe he looks up to her more than anyone else.

Kim Jong Un wants to appease his aunt. One way in doing this is through demonstration of might. Yet timing is everything and in only a few short days, he has the perfect opportunity to show his appreciation for Kim Kyong-hui. That opportunity comes on April 15th, the day her father, North Korea's "Eternal President," was born -- the day many intelligence professionals believe the world will watch yet another North Korean missile test.

Kerry Patton, a combat disabled veteran, is author of Contracted: America's Secret Warriors.

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