10/21/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

18 Great Factoids on the State of the Blogosphere today (at least according to Technorati)

Technorati will be releasing their latest State of the Blogosphere report next week. I got a sneak preview of the contents of that report right from Richard Jalichandra, the CEO of Technorati in his presentation at the Blog World Expo underway in Las Vegas.

Here's 18 great factoids Jalichandra offered up on the state of the blogosphere today:

1. In the month of August 77 million unique visitors from the US visited a blog.

2. 95 of the top 100 news outlets in the United States have a at least one journalist that blogs.

3. On average there were 900,000 posts every 24 hours last year.

4. In the last 120 days there were 7.4 million blog posts generated.

5. Since 2002 Technorati has indexed 133 million blogs.

6. Two-thirds of bloggers are male.

7. Demographics of the typical blogger: 1 in 3 earn a salary of $75k or more, 1 in 5 earn a salary of $100k or more, and 70% have at least a college degree.

8. Content breakdown of blogs by subject: 50% personal lifestyle, 46% technology, 35% political, 42% news, 34% computers, 31% music and 28% film.

9. 1 in 4 bloggers spend more than 10 hours per week blogging.

10. The top 100 blogs (based on revenue) post an average of 310 posts per year - 43% of the top 100 write more than 10 posts a day.

11. The top two ways bloggers generate traffic and promote their content: 83% said through Technorati (big surprise) and 77% through commenting on other blogs.

12. Average blogger uses 5 or more web 2.0 platforms (i.e. Digg, Stumbleupon and Twitter) on a regular basis.

13. 38% of bloggers use search ads to generate revenue, 28% use display ads and 20% through affiliate marketing links.

14. Bloggers invested an average of $1000 in their blog (i.e. graphic design).

15. The top 10% of blogs online (based on revenue generated) produce an average of 81 posts per month.

16. 61% of bloggers say they are most influenced by other bloggers.

17. The average blogger operates at least 3.5 blogs.

18. On average there was 1.5 million blog posts created per week last year.

Wish I had two more factoids to round this out to a top 20 list - oh well.