10/20/2009 09:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Portraits of P.O.'d Prius Owners

Prius owners are happy with their fuel-sipping cars, but are steaming at Toyota.

So far over 700 Toyota car owners have submitted photos to's campaign calling for Toyota to withdraw its membership from the US Chamber of Commerce.

Here's a few of the photos to give you an idea:




If you take a look at the whole photo set you'll notice this isn't the bunch of "extreme environmentalists" that I am sure Toyota and the US Chamber would like to think they are. These are just normal, everyday people who are ticked off that on the one hand Toyota sells an environmentally friendly image while at the same time they continue to be a part of the US Chamber of Commerce, an industry lobby group that is fighting very hard to convince politicians in Washington, DC to oppose President Obama's clean energy and climate change plans.

This actually isn't the first such two-faced act by Toyota. For years they were involved in a lawsuit in California to fight stricter tailpipe standards for greenhouse gas emissions. All the while marketing their brand as eco-friendly. My personal favorite is still the Kermit the Frog"it's not easy being green" campaign Toyota ran a few years back.

Apple Computers, along with a few other companies, have shown leadership on the issue of clean energy and have recently announced that they're leaving the US Chamber over their archaic stance on clean energy and climate change.

Toyota should do the same. After all, it really isn't that easy to be green and companies who promote themselves as such need to act accordingly.