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Say What?! BP Says its Newest Plan is a Better Plan

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So far BP has tried Operation Top Hat, Operation Siphon, Operation Top Kill and all have failed.

Now we have Operation "Cap and Cut" in which BP will use a saw to cut the broken pipe, place a cap over the leak and then start to pump the oil to the surface.

A BP official said today, that this latest attempt "has a better chance than Top Kill." BP's Managing Director, Robert Dudley, also told NBC's Today Show that, "I think that this is a lower risk activity than what we were doing with the top kill. In fact, we have gone down this path because the risks are lower."

I am going to keep my point short and I think you know where I am going with this.

If this is BP's best attempt with the lowest risk, why didn't they do it first?

Looking at the latest polling numbers on the confidence the American public has in BP 's handling of this disaster I would say comments like this are doing more harm than good. The public is long past trusting BP and illogical statements like the ones made by Dudley today do not breed confidence, they just build more contempt.

This company needs to stop spindoctoring and show the public some respect.


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