The Global Climate Wake Up Call in Photos

11/22/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Everyday people around the world gathered at events yesterday to send the message to political leaders to Wake Up on the issue of climate change.

The Global Wake Up Call saw 2682 events in 134 countries yesterday and here are some of the amazing photos. You can find the entire collection of over 3400 photos here.

2009-09-22-wake4.jpg Vienna, Austria

2009-09-22-wakeupcall1.jpg Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

2009-09-22-wake6.jpg India

2009-09-22-wakeup2.jpg Sydney, Australia

2009-09-22-wake3.jpg Beirut, Lebanon

2009-09-22-wake5.jpg Harare, Zimbabwe

2009-09-22-wake7.jpg Wageningen, Netherlands

2009-09-22-wake8.jpg London, England

2009-09-22-wake9.jpg Mumbai, India

2009-09-22-wake10.jpg Bogota, Columbia