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Kim Joseph
Kim Joseph is the independent instructor of the "Muslim Like Me" creative writing workshop. Kim is a writer and poet by day, an Ultrasound Technician by trade and a Muslim by faith. Kim is currently
working on her memoir and an interfaith children’s book series called “Noura and Me”. She has her BA in English Language Arts from Hunter College and her certificate in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound from IAMP.

Blog Entries by Kim Joseph

Unveiling My Surrender

Posted October 28, 2010 | 16:08:37 (EST)

"I'll be right down," I yelled into the door buzzer. Racing to the closet and rummaging through my colorful collection of hijabs, I impulsively selected a pink one. "Pink it is!" I said to myself, waving the scarf around in the air as I ran over to the mirror and...

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A Convert To Islam Finds Discrimination On Both Sides Of The Veil

Posted October 18, 2010 | 21:27:55 (EST)

A woman wearing hijab enters the 7 train. She glances around and smiles, searching for a friendly face. Heads turn and eyes stare back. A strange silence envelopes the subway car. The woman walks towards an empty seat and sits down, selects a new song on her IPod, sips from...

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