12/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Liberals Support Our Troops Too

2008-11-11-liberalssupportourtroopstoo.jpgComing from a very conservative background, I've heard liberals called every name in the book throughout my childhood -- especially when it comes to patriotism and support for veterans.

Now as a proud liberal and a former military spouse, I take exception to being called a fascist, nazi, or any other derogatory term for supporting a timely and responsible withdrawal from Iraq, or for questioning the scads of money being spent there while our economy collapses.

Just because I believe diplomacy is a far better option than war doesn't mean I don't support our troops. I am extremely grateful and proud of our US Veterans. I'm also thankful for new leadership who sees them as people, not just troops. And I know many liberals echo that sentiment -- but I've gotta say, I've been totally underwhelmed by the showing Veteran's Day has made on liberal blogs today.

So in honor of Veteran's Day, I started a one-woman Twitter campaign on ways we can support our troops (in 140 characters or less) without necessarily agreeing with the standard, two-dimensional ways we're 'supposed to' support them.

If you tweet, you can find all of them and post your own with the tag #veteransday.

Here's what I have so far over on Twitter:

Support our troops: no homeless vets.

Support our troops: no involuntary re-deployments for discharged vets.

Support our troops: let them vote.

Support our troops: Focus on Afghanistan & Al Qaeda, not a war for oil (or "saving face").

Support our troops: Value their mental health and support those who do.

Support our troops & their families: Fix Walter Reed Hospital.

Support our troops: Regulate recruiting and tactics used.

Support our troops: Leave an economy they can come home to by stopping Iraq War.

And to every man and woman who has served our military and this nation, THANK YOU.

Would love to hear your thoughts, here or on Twitter.