10/16/2013 01:55 pm ET Updated Dec 16, 2013

Haircuts and Color Solve the Debt Ceiling Crisis!

Well that would be my fantasy. Let me explain...

If I had a wish and a dream, it would be to get Congress in my salon. It would be difficult to argue with each other while John Boehner is getting a "conservative, side part to the right," and Nancy Pelosi is receiving cover for some of her mother nature "highlights" we call greys. (Most likely from the stress of the line drawn in the sand over fundamental spending.) Like the galvanized sides in Washington, the people of the U.S.A. are at the same standstill.

It seems we are expressing our political culture through writing, social media and yes, even hair! Hairstyles are now what I call "bi-polarized" -- in other words, everything goes! I see the art of compromise in a plethora of choices that we've never seen before. Where "fast-fashion" meets "temperamental trends." Trends that allow for highly personalized looks such as Kate Upton's curves in her hair and body on the cover of Vanity Fair, (sometimes the shortest distant from point A to point B isn't a straight line,) or with pink accent hair pieces, or swapping wigs like Nicki Minaj to super popular "lobs" (that's a grown out "bob cut") as seen on Beyonce. Colors are dipped, tipped, flipped and reversed. All trends being a blank canvas for the new millennium!

Think of it another way, it's like we are filming a movie about filming a TV show. We've all seen " behind the scene" scenes. We're now more savvy and more internet aware. To equate that to hair styles, we've done the '80s look which got its inspiration from the '50s -- and the '70s look inspired by the '40s, and so on. Now we simply combine looks without boundaries. I call it hair freedom, others call it art lawlessness! So, let's dual this out how hairdressers would... with a old fashion " hair show competition, " and unlike Congress stuck waiting to see who blinks first, hairdressers won't wait to throw shade and vogue!

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