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Paintings of Mom's Friends

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I remember my mother and her friends, their clothes, their dinner parties and their laughter, as distinctly as a perfume. These women were not fifties housewives who stayed home and marvelled at the new technology of the dishwasher. This was Marin County in the 1970s, when love songs oozed from the radio, a geodesic dome sprung from the lawn in our backyard and my mother put rhinestones on everything.

"Train to Reno" 30 x 30 in. Oil on Wood. Image Courtesy of Taylor de Cordoba Gallery

My mother and her friends found themselves--hanging out in downtown Mill Valley, sunbathing on the back porch, below the cypress tree at Esalen.

women2sized.jpg"Esalen" 30 x 40 in. Oil on Wood. Image Courtesy of Taylor de Cordoba Gallery

Now that I am a mother with a daughter of my own, I see the way she studies me and my friends, how she imitates the way I walk and talk or wants to traipse in my heels.

women3sized.jpg"Emily, Carole & Lib" 9 x 12 in. Ink & Gouache on Paper. Image Courtesy of Taylor de Cordoba Gallery

The preceding works are from Kimberly Brooks' most recent exhibit at Taylor De Cordoba in Los Angeles.

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