02/01/2013 11:26 am ET | Updated Apr 03, 2013

Fashion Week Prep

Take out the craziness of Fashion Week prep and you're left with one chance: to transform an idea into reality. For me, a fashion show is about curating the vision I've been researching for months into a tangible production that everyone can get something out of. The best part of designing any collection is seeing it come together when that first look hits the runway.

For fall 2013, I thought a lot about the defense mechanisms people project to the world and began to explore the ways in which these mindsets are empowering. This got me thinking about the world of nature and the methods of defense inherent in certain animals and insects like beetles, scorpions and dart frogs. We translated the concept of natural protection metaphorically in a balance of light and dark, and literally in pieces like the trapunto-stitched jackets resembling the padded armor of trilobites.

Color was huge for me, which is specific to this collection but I wouldn't say it's a departure from who I am -- it's just about looking at nature in a different way. When you hear "nature" you think about muted, earthy tones, which isn't always the case. The vivid colors and prints exist in nature, but look synthetic since you're not around them every day, which was an interesting dichotomy to explore.

Casting models was tricky since we were after such a specific look. Definitely strong girls that looked beautiful naturally and carried themselves with confidence, but there was also a focus on specific features like eyes spaced farther apart and rounder faces. Ethereal but hard around the edges: a look that would render the collection as a kind of shield. Hair and makeup grounded the concept in reality. I don't want to give too much away, but think "protected."

I'm most excited about the debut of my first jewelry collection with Shapeways 3D Printing marketplace. Not only does it translate the idea of exoskeletons into armor you can actually wear, but its innovation lies in its immediacy. Today is all about the "nowness" of fashion; everyone wants something at the click of a button the first time they see it. Now they don't have to wait four months until next season; they can order straight from the runway. This is the future of fashion, and it begins with Kimberly Ovitz fall 2013.

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