11/11/2011 08:28 am ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

Friday Photo: Fall

Standing on my balcony, overlooking the canal, I notice leaves creating patterns on the surface of the colorless water. Beautiful, yet later to be spoiled by a passing barge. Leaving my apartment, the gray sky does little to brighten concrete and brown-brick buildings. In this part of the city, there's little visual stimulation to be had.

Later, when I emerge from the tube at Westminster, my eyes are finally rewarded with a bevy of the kind of color my soul longs for on these London days. Lining the banks of the River Thames, the trees are a cloud of orange and yellow. In the distance, Big Ben chimes the hour and vendors sell flag-emblazoned paraphernalia to gullible tourists.

Fall in London is a thing of beauty because wherever there is a tree in the midst of its seasonal change there is a break to the gray which typically blankets Britain in November. Today, I am grateful for every leaf.

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