09/23/2011 08:55 am ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

Friday Photo: Lights

Perhaps no Parisian landmark is as emblematic of the City of Light as La Tour Eiffel, most particularly in the late evening when it sparkles for ten minutes on the hour every hour. The tradition was begun in 1999, when the tower played host to Paris' Millennium Celebration. Seen during its nightly light show, it takes on a new personality and proves that it's a cliché sight for a reason.

When I'm in Paris, I generally avoid the Eiffel Tower because it's crowded to the point of being unbearable. However, some evenings, there isn't anywhere else I can go that really captures the essence of The City of Light for me as well as this glittering tower does. On one such a night, I snapped this photograph. When I'm not in Paris, I gaze at it and smile. The lights remind me of that feeling of romance which no other city epitomizes as well as Paris.


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