10/18/2011 12:54 pm ET | Updated Dec 18, 2011

Bigger Bang Theory : Replace Newly Syndicated Shows With Classics

If you were watching MLB playoffs on TBS this past week then you know that The Big Bang Theory will premiere today in syndication. Which raises the question: where did all the good syndicated shows go?

We used to be able to take solace in the fact that our favorite old shows were on Nick at Nite, but a quick Google search tells me that Nick at Nite airs That '70s Show, George Lopez and Friends nowadays. Oh, Bewitched, wherefore art thou?

Teen Nick recently brought back shows that were popular in the '90s (Rugrats, All That, Clarissa) and started airing them in a two-hour block at midnight. You know what? It's a hit! Instead of putting on hour long blocks of newly minted syndicated shows (seriously, you can find The Big Bang Theory on television about 24 hours a week) how about we sprinkle in some oldies?

Here are some suggestions:

Replace Two and a Half Men with Three's Company
These two shows are shockingly similar: Laugh track? Check. Raunchy comedy? Check. Three people living together in California? Check. Three's Company gets the advantage because of the comedic chops of the late John Ritter and Don Knotts. Also: Two and a Half Men's theme song is poison whereas Three's Company's theme song is bubbly, fun and totally famous.

Replace Family Guy with Cheers
Cheers is quite simply the best sitcom to ever be on television. Not only is the show good, but it has a great theme song! Plus, the show revolves around people who come to a bar and drink beer! When I was a kid, I remember falling asleep to the end credits song. When I hear it now when I stream the show on Netflix my eyes get heavy. This is the show that launched a successful spin off series off of a character they introduced in the third season (Frasier)!

Replace Curb Your Enthusiasm with All in the Family
Have you ever watched Curb in syndication? It's terrible. Kudos to HBO for selling the rights to this one, but why spend all that money to get the rights to Curb when All in the Family is right there waiting to be placed back into rotation again? All in the Family is just as offensive and funny as Curb is, and since it has been off the air for 30 years a whole new generation can be offended by Archie Bunker. Also, the show won't be butchered to death by the censors. (Probably)

Replace The Big Bang Theory with The Wonder Years
I hear The Wonder Years is on some channel called the Hub, but since I only get basic channels (and somehow TBS. How is that exactly? I disconnect my cable box but I still get TBS? I'm not complaining, I'm just surprised is all), I need The Wonder Years on one of the networks at 7, 10 or 11pm for the music cues and my love for Winnie Cooper. Shows like Cheers and The Wonder Years are streaming on Netflix Instant now, but there's a difference between seeking out one specific episode and to stumble upon an episode as you're flipping around.

Replace George Lopez with Anything
You name it, let's put it on: Murphy Brown, M.A.S.H., The Cosby Show, Duck Tales, a test pattern, pictures of birds -- seriously anything! Question: Who is watching George Lopez? Follow up: If they are watching it do you think they want to see it so often?

We have the capability of having thousands of channels with hundreds of thousands of syndicated sitcom programming possibilities yet all I can find are George Lopez and Two and a Half Men repeats. And you wonder why I canceled cable.