02/03/2012 01:56 pm ET | Updated Apr 04, 2012

Like & Dislike List: Back to the Future on Broadway, Office Spin-Off, New Hunger Games and More!


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New Hunger Games Trailer

First things first: Team Peeta. Gale's such a jerk! Anyway, to celebrate 50 days until The Hunger Games hits theaters Lionsgate released a new minute trailer that has some cool new footage. Katniss is giving her Mockingjay pin to her sister? Say what?? My favorite part is Katniss running in a forrest in flames! I'm excited/nervous to see how they handle the games themselves and so far I like what I'm seeing! Also, Elizabeth Banks sure is getting a whole lot of screen time in these trailers for a supporting player in the film.


A Dwight Schrute spin-off

"The worst idea I have ever heard in my life," joked Rainn Wilson at the red carpet for the Golden Globes. At least, I think he was joking. Have you learned nothing from Joey, NBC? The spin-off would be set in Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast and if this week's annoying episode of The Office is any indication, this show will be obnoxious and completely devoid of likable characters or a heart. I'm actually surprised Wilson would want to keep playing the same role. It looks like The Office's days are numbered. What with this news and the news of Mindy Kaling getting a series on FOX. It's been a good run for Dwight Shrute, I hope Wilson lets him ride off into the beet-filled sunset with some dignity. The same can not be said for Joey.


The Audience at Götterdämmerung at the Metropolitan Opera in New York

The final opera in The Ring cycle. The Return of the King of Wagner's Ring cycle, if you will. This opera clocks in at just under 6 hours of your life, including 2 intermissions, and it's great! I know that sounds like a long time but isn't the extended cut of all those Lord of the Rings movies around that same time? Götterdämmerung, or Twilight of the Gods, premiered at the Metropolitan Opera House and I was lucky enough to be there. Unfortunately those in attendance did not feel the same way. There were hundreds of people booing the director Robert Lepage when he came out to take a bow. Actual booing! This isn't Citifield, it's the Met! And these aren't kids booing either! These are really old and rather really rich people booing hard for...well, I don't actually know. I think they didn't like "The machine" or the cost of the opera. Who knows what goes through the mind of the 1% out there. They just had singers and musicians perform for four and a half hours and they have the audacity to boo? I think I speak for the performers when I say, they can go fuck themselves. Are you not entertained?!


The Ferris Bueller Honda Super Bowl Spot

Over 10 million views and counting! For a commercial! Does anyone not love this spot? Does Honda even have to air this spot during the Super Bowl anymore? More people have seen this ad than NBC's Whitney! I just wish Honda could have paid for Cameron and the rest of the cast to make an appearance. I very much do not want a sequel to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I just want to know Mathew Broderick is out there doing some fun stuff day after day. Did you catch all the easter eggs? I spotted the Red Wings jersey, the guy playing the flute, and the walrus reference, of course. Did I miss anything?


Back to the Future Musical on Broadway

Yeah, how about we don't? Listen, I love Back to the Future. Love. When people ask me what my favorite movies are, BTTF is always in the conversation. Always. I don't know what happened to Robert Zemeckis, but he is a bad idea machine lately. I think he and George Lucas were struck by 1.21 gigawatts at some point because they have the worst ideas these days (Nuking the fridge and The Polar Express)! I can't imagine anyone rocking a hoverboard other than Michael J. Fox and that's the way it should stay.


The Internets Trying to Figure out when Ice Cube's "Good Day" Happened

This is why the internet is awesome. People have dedicated so many hours to figuring out the exact day Yo! MTV Raps and the Lakers played the Supersonics (R.I.P.). It was first reported January 20, 1992 was the day, but after further review it is either November 30, 1988 or April 4, 1989. My favorite excerpt from this tumblr account is:

The case for deciding between Nov. 30, 1988 and April 4, 1989 is a little murkier, but it comes down to the fact the on Nov. 30, 1988, "Straight Outta Compton" was just starting to move a little bit, where Ice Cube might have know he could be a star but it was still in the 'calm before the storm' period, whereas by April 4th following, N.W.A. was blowing up into national consciousness, and things would've been way too hectic for him to have such a calm, uneventful day.

First of all, these people need to be applauded for putting so much effort into this answer and secondly, why not celebrate "Good Day" on Nov. 30 and April 4th?