03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Actually, Mr. Cheney...

According to the AP, "Former Vice President Dick Cheney says it's time for President Barack Obama to "do what it takes to win" the war in Afghanistan and stop dithering while U.S. troops face danger. Cheney says signs of indecision endanger the troops and hurt the cause."

Actually, Mr. Cheney, what hurts troops is bad judgment--particularly when exercised by an overzealous, power-hungry, maniacal Vice President like you.

Yes, you should know about bad judgment since you used it when you relied on dead wrong intelligence provided to you by DCI George Tenet regarding WMD in Iraq. You had faith in a CIA that flatly failed to prevent the 9/11 attacks--a failure that was arguably the largest intelligence failure since Pearl Harbor.

Yet, in the days after 9/11 your WH decided to rely on CIA to provide you with information regarding WMD in Iraq. To me, that seems like bad judgment. Moreover, awarding former DCI George Tenet with a Medal of Freedom after he botched both 9/11 and WMD in Iraq, isn't just bad judgment, it's reckless delusion.

So, while some of your Republican friends may now attempt to place the blame for the war in Iraq on CIA, others know better.

And you have the audacity to criticize the current President for his "dithering" when it comes to Afghanistan and placing thousands of our troops' lives in danger; if only you showed a single pang at all when you skulked the halls of the Bush WH.

Imagine how even a momentary pause and (gasp) a modicum of actual intellectual debate/analysis might have changed the forgone outcome and conclusion of your reckless decision to go to war in Iraq, not to mention the feckless creation of your torture program.

Because if you want to really talk about placing American lives in danger for decades to come, then you should probably evaluate the very longterm, deadly effects of your torture program. Jihadists have long institutional memories, Mr. Cheney, and they'll wait patiently for years--even decades-- before exacting revenge and payback. Incidentally, where's the concrete proof that torture actually worked? I believe we are still waiting on that, Mr. Vice President.

Regarding torture and its obvious inefficacy, what do you have to say about the case of Ressam. Any comment on U.S. District Judge John Coughenour's opinion of your torture program and how it frustrated all attempts of gathering valuable information from Ressam, a known al-Qaeda operative who was directly linked to the 9/11 hijackers, in the days after 9/11? You will recall that Ressam was cooperating with US intelligence officials up until your friends arrived and started more aggressive techniques. Techniques that proved counter-productive since Ressam shut down in silence once your style of questioning started. Of course, delving into Ressam and the information gained from him by our intelligence community (particularly for the months preceding 9/11--when he talked freely and openly without torture) might prove a bit uncomfortable for you.

Look, Mr. Cheney, Iraq is your fault. And, sadly, Iraq will always be a catastrophic blemish on this country's history. But more to the point, your failed war in Iraq is the biggest reason that our troops are still fighting in Afghanistan.

Because had you kept your eye ably focused on the legitimate target, UBL, back in December 2001 and took him out when you had your chance in Tora Bora, our troops would most likely no longer be running amok in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Perhaps, instead of critiquing the current President who is left cleaning up your myriad messes and deadly debacles, why don't you explain why the Commander of CIA ops in eastern Afghanistan was denied the battalion he needed and requested back in December 2001? Were you and Rumsfeld, perhaps, "dithering" away too much, yourselves? Or was it something else entirely different that would explain why you let UBL escape?

So actually, Mr Cheney, maybe you should take some time to dither away, look in the mirror, and reflect upon the damage you've done to our country and, indeed, the world. Because, nearly nine years after 9/11, UBL is still alive, Afghanistan is still out of control, and Iraq is hardly a success. And for eight of those years, you, Sir, were in charge.

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