Six Specifics on BP -- Pass It On

06/16/2010 09:18 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

1. Why didn't BP immediately shut off the Deepwater Horizon well valve by permanently sealing it off with cement? Were fiscal considerations ever at stake with BP's decision to not do this?

2. In cementing off the leaking valve, are relief lines really necessary? Or is BP relying on these relief lines in order to preserve their future ability to draw more lucrative oil from the site?

3. Will BP be permitted by our government to draw oil from this site in the future? If so, perhaps BP could set up a sort of profit-sharing plan wherein all Deep Horizon claimants receive a percentage of all BP future proceeds made at this particular site. This would provide an incentive for BP and the local people to work more collaboratively.

4. The NYTimes reports that, "BP's operations are run by BP Holdings North America Inc. According to BP's annual report, this subsidiary has about $50billion in long term assets."

Thus, conveniently, BP is only liable up to $50 billion. But, what if damages--both individual and environmental--rise above $50 billion? Will President Obama and Congress enact legislation to make BP(the parent company) liable for damages above $50billion? (For example, after 9/11, the US government stepped in and capped liabilities for many corporations, entities, and municipalities. In the case of Deep Horizon and BP, why cant the US government step in and do the reverse--uncap liability? Has this been considered? Has BP(the parent company) in a sign of good will offered to raise its liability levels above $50billion?

5. How many other oil platforms are currently in use along the US coastlines? What--if anything--do the corporations who run these platforms do differently and more safely than BP? (Perhaps if BP has to pay for all of the damage created by its recklessness (and greed) in the Gulf, such "lessons learned" will inspire other corporations to behave more responsibly towards people and the environment going forward.

6. Has the US government appointed a Special Master to oversee the payment of funds from BP to Deep Horizon claimants? If not, then why not?

I'm no expert and regrettably, I have been tuned out lately from the news. But I am a concerned citizen and I would like these questions answered. If you agree, then please pass on this list so we can raise awareness and demand accountability. (And feel free to add any questions of your own.)