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10 Tips To Host Healthy Dinner Party

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I've always loved entertaining in my home. The opportunity to have friends, family and food all coming together on a Saturday evening excites me.

In the past when I invited new people to my home for dinner, I typically got the following reaction; "sounds like fun ... but is all the food going to be healthy?" Lately, however, I've noticed that people appear to be more concerned about their health and what foods they choose to put into their mouth. So much so that people are actually excited and intrigued to find out what healthy foods I will serve. This has become so prevalent that I've actually printed recipes ahead of time anticipating at least one request for them. If your goal is to provide healthy food at your next dinner party and still have your guests come back again, consider these 10 tips:

10 Secrets To Hosting a Fabulously Healthy Dinner Party
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