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12 Foods To Add To Your Diet In 2012

Posted: 01/10/2012 7:12 am

You've made it another year and, chances are, you've made a few resolutions as well. If you're like most Americans, your goals are geared towards healthier eating, more exercise and perhaps, quitting a bad habit (smoking, too much drinking, eating donuts for breakfast). I started 2011 off with suggestions of 11 foods to add to your diet. Did you add them? If you did, are you hungry for more? If so, read on for some of the best new foods to add to your diet in 2012.

Black Garlic
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Created through a process of aging using high temperatures and humidity, black garlic is a bit sweeter and less pungent that its white cousin. Initial research suggests that black garlic may have higher antioxidant properties than regular garlic due to its processing. Whether you stay with white or black, adding garlic to your diet this year will reap huge benefits!

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