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Kristin McArdle
Part foodie, urban planner and urban rooftop farmer who is trying to make her dreams of a rooftop agriculture startup come true in San Francisco.

The founder of Vegetable Uprising, a rooftop farming business in San Francisco.

Certified as a urban permaculture designer, schooled as a an community planner, an experienced environmental consultant and fine dining food service professional.

Lover of flowers, plants, vegetables and all living things!

Entries by Kristin McArdle

Urban Agriculture: Fad or Necessity?

(36) Comments | Posted November 14, 2013 | 3:48 PM

Urban agriculture is at the forefront of the eat local, locavore and agrarian movement. This is an exciting time, which may mark the greatest popular interest in farming, food production and policy in the United States. An age that some have coined a period of great downshifting or "voluntary simplicity"...

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