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5 Poses Fit for a Supermodel

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By Yoga Journal

Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr is the kind of woman who turns heads the second she walks into a room. But the 30-year-old's beauty is more than skin deep, according to her yoga instructor of the past 10 years, Charlotte Dodson. "Miranda is a truly beautiful and happy soul," she says.

A dedicated practitioner, Kerr squeezes in a daily asana or meditation session, whether at home or on a shoot, says Dodson. While the physical practice helps Kerr maintain her celebrated physique, the mindful aspect is essential for maintain a supermodel's hectic schedule along with co-parenting 2-year-old son Finn with actor Orlando Bloom.

"There is a reason why Miranda is drawn to yoga," Dodson adds. "It doesn't take long to see results and, in turn, it will positively effect all areas of your life."

Here are five key poses that Kerr wouldn't miss, Dodson says. Add these into your daily practice and enjoy the results!


Boat Pose
Try balancing on your sit-bones, legs up into a V-shape. If this is too challenging, keep your legs bent or toes onto the floor if you feel this in your low back. Lift your chest as you activate your stomach muscles. Keep your arms parallel to the floor or hold onto legs if needed. Breathe naturally for 5 breaths. Come down to sit in Easy Pose before repeating another three times.


Boat Pose Variation
From Boat, bend your legs and drop both hands to one side touching the floor with your fingertips. Turn your head to follow, lifting up through your spine with an open chest on inhalation, and turning more deeply on the exhalation. Stay for five breaths. To release, inhale to face forward, and exhale to come back to Easy Pose. Repeat on the other side.


Scale Pose
From Easy Pose, place your palms flat on the floor alongside your hips. On your inhale, press your hands and heels firmly into the ground as you lift your hips off the floor. Even if your hips or buttocks don't leave the ground, engage mula bandha. Hold for five breaths. Come back down, cross your legs the opposite way, and lift for another five breaths. For an added challenge, lift both feet off the floor, balancing on your hands and deeply activating your core muscles. Look up toward the sky, and hold for five breaths.


Downward-Facing Dog
Come onto all fours, keeping your hands shoulder-width and feet hip-distance apart. As you inhale, lift your hips up pressing into the balls of your feet. Keep your knees bent to protect your low back. Drop your head, ears in line with your upper arms, and gaze toward your navel. Roll your shoulders away from your ears, hands flat to the floor with your fingers spread widely apart. Bring your full awareness to your belly. Expand naturally on your inhale and contract strongly on your exhale while engaging mula bandha. Hold for five breaths before returning back to all fours. Repeat three times.


Corpse Pose
Lay flat with your back. Tuck your shoulder blades down and back, and let your feet roll naturally out to the side. If you feel sensation in the low back, place a cushion under your knees. Lightly place your hands onto your belly. Breathe naturally and deeply for one to five minutes before coming back up into a seated position. Sit for a moment, and notice the sensation before moving on with your day.

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