12/30/2011 01:31 pm ET Updated Feb 29, 2012

Friendly Fire

Infatuation with the middle ground
Is neither safe or very sound
If at the end of the day you find
Your lack of choice renders you benign

For those who risk choosing sides
Develop courageous bona fides
That provides them certain nobility
Rather than fruitless utility

And while the risk is surely great
The excitement it brings can help negate
The anxiety that accompanies choice
When one is willing to raise their voice

Against those things viewed as wrong
In terms stretching from short to long
For when the stakes are very high
Such is the time to seriously try

To change the world and make it right
Regardless if that change just might
Diminish prospects for respect
From those who choose to neglect

The fact that you have chosen to define
Exactly where to draw the line
Distinguishes you from those who refuse
To take the leap and actually choose

But such distinction comes with a cost
A fact of life that cannot be lost
Upon those who venture into the abyss
That borders uncertainty and risk

And while the nobility you seek as you conspire
To ascend to heights ever higher and higher
He who refuses to choose will not inspire
But is bound to be killed by friendly fire.