Colts' Tony Dungy a Homophobe?

01/31/2007 11:19 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

For those of you who don't recognize the name, Tony Dungy is the Coach of the Indianapolis Colts. And if you don't follow sports, they're headed to Miami for the Super Bowl.

So a fellow blogger, Bil Browning, has posted here about Coach Dungy being honored at a Banquet of the Indiana Family Institute. Reverend James Dobson from Focus on the Family supports IFI as an affiliated Family Policy Council. You remember Dobson, don't you? He's the right winger who thinks that John McCain is a liberal. This guy is probably does coffee with Darth Vader himself.

Why would Tony Dungy want to be honored by such an organization? These organizations exist to "protect the home" and "protect the family." But, that is what a PR professional came up with to avoid saying that they hate gays and lesbians. In other words, they only want to protect SOME families. There are millions of same sex families in our country. It perplexes me why there is even an argument about whether or not they deserve the same rights, privileges, and protections as other families. Does Tony Dungy support discriminating against them? How about the ownership of the Indiana Colts? We should ask.

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My apologies for the two mistakes. Particularly to Colts fans for incorrectly referring to the 'Indiana Colts'. Also, my apologies to Bil Browning for getting his name wrong.

Although it is my policy not to respond to comments, I feel compelled to clarify a few points raised within the comments.

If you took the time to go to the IFI website, you will see the invitation to their banquet honoring Coach Dungy shows a picture of him on the sidelines of a Colts game. I believe we are all entitled to our personal beliefs. However, when you are a public figure, it is fair to scrutinize those beliefs, particularly when your public position is used in advancing those beliefs. Tony Dungy, as an NFL Head Coach is certainly a public figure. The IFI and Focus on the Family discriminate against people. That is not okay.

The only agenda that I have is equality. Does the phrase "equal justice under the law" ring a bell? I don't think we should discriminate against someone because they have freckles and red hair or because they happen to be short or tall. And yes, if Martha Stewart or Mrs. Fields were baking cookies for Focus on the Family or IFI, I would call them out on it too.

I am not a reporter. I am a blogger. This is my opinion. You have the right to disagree with whether or not this is a fair example of applying pressure to a public figure to advance equal rights for Americans. I would urge you to support equal rights for everyone. It's about fairness versus discrimination.