07/12/2007 01:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Human Rights Campaign/Mike Gravel Controversy Update

Yesterday, I blogged about HRC snubbing uber gay supportive Presidential candidate Mike Gravel. I've spoken to Senator Gravel and his spokesperson. He very much wants to be a part of the forum, given his long standing commitment to equality.

HRC said that Gravel would be excluded because they had set a threshold to have raised $100,000 to be invited to the forum. According to Senator Gravel's spokesman, they met that threshold on July 9, the day before HRC announced the forum on their website.

So, this begs the question, why won't they let him participate? According to Gravel's campaign, they have said he didn't meet the deadline that was established of fundraising completed by the end of the second quarter. Further, they are also quibbling over where the money came from. The details are a little unclear to me, but it seems that they won't want to count a loan that was given to the campaign, presumably from Senator Gravel.

This is just nuts. HRC needs to go ahead and let the guy participate.

Take a moment to read his post right here on Huffington Post.