05/16/2009 01:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Cheney MVP of the GOP?

Apparently political suicide is a surest way to become MVP in the GOP these days, at least according William Kristol anyway:

[Cheney] made himself the Most Valuable Republican of the first four months of the Obama administration (ably assisted by a few bold denizens of the Hill like the ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee, Pete Hoekstra).

Since when is attempting to stay out of prison for crimes against humanity a selfless act of heroism? Does Bill actually think that Cheney is being entirely selfless for the Republican cause? No wonder Republican beloved Ronald Reagan called Bill and his pals "the crazies in the basement." I always find it amusing that the current base of the Republican Party can continue to claim a love-affair with Reagan, but still fully embrace the lunatics that Reagan laughed at.

Another hero in his brave defense of torture, according to Kristol, is Pete Hoekstra. The very same Hoekstra who had strange meetings with Iran Contra arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar. I had always wondered if Hoekstra went on behalf of Cheney to help "fix the facts" around yet another war. Perhaps while they are defending torture so bravely together, they might answer that question?

Apparently Hoekstra is also defending Cheney's position on torture out of selflessness. Yes, the GOP is packed wall to wall with heroes like Cheney -- who never went to war, but was more than willing to send others to die for his lies.

Hoekstra spends most of his time attacking the Speaker of the House these days and for political reasons, instead of actually doing his job. Perhaps if Hoekstra had been doing his job all along, he would not have made a fool of himself by publicly claiming that WMD were found in Iraq. Let me remind you:

GIBSON: I'm really confused about this. You had to pry this information out of the Department of Defense, evidently, and they're in the business of trying to convince us that Saddam did have WMD. So why was it like pulling teeth?

HOEKSTRA: Well, I'm not sure of that. That's one of those questions. Obviously, what is happening here, John, is that they see that WMD is a threat to our front-line troops.

So perhaps the answer to that question is buried in, we need to make sure we get a hold of all of these weapons. We have found 500, and we need to get a hold of all the other ones that we think may still be in Iraq because they do pose a threat to our front-line troops.

By all means Mr. Kristol, do send more such "bold denizens of the Hill" my way. Anyone who defends torture is going to be fairly easy to discredit and quickly.