09/02/2005 03:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mission Accomplished Redux


Landing on an air craft carrier several years back, the groin-enhanced machismo strapped-up, self-proclaimed "War President," declared "Mission Accomplished."

What mission he was speaking of exactly still has sane people scratching their heads and war widows pulling their hair out.

That same day, changed into a tie like a deranged superman delivered out of a makeshift phone booth, George went on to hallucinate a world where "major operations were over."


This time, the president arrived with sleeves rolled up, enhancing his "blue collar" image for the small folk, as he stood amazingly ignorant still – a week later – of the situation at yet another ground zero.

Listening to him ramble about hope and renewed unity, the president may as well have said "Major Catastrophe now Over" and as though timed with god-like precision, trucks of supplies began to arrive on cue, for delivery of "Operation PR Damage Control."

Landing no where near the worst part of the destruction and suffering, the president was safe to declare hope for the rebuilding of New Orleans - safe mostly from having to expose his pretty mind to any unpleasantness.


Perhaps the most telling moment of this entire charade was the emotional tone of hope for Trent Lott’s home and forward looking dreams of sitting on its newly built front porch.

The shock and awe this time is the full blown horror summarized by a president so arrogant, that he no longer finds it even necessary to mask his racism and classicism.

In expressing hope for Trent Lott's property- essentially singling out one white, bigoted, plantation owner – over the tens of thousands of people – not white - drowning and starving in sewage, Bush may have as well said "long live the Confederacy."


Yes, mission accomplished indeed. Two ground zeros in the US and several across the world are a hell of a compassionate legacy to leave behind.

But at least the summer indifference of this ignoble and self-promoting shape shifter was not entirely wasted. After all, during this week of tragedy the prince managed to make yet another recess appointment of yet another torturer.

Criminality is now the career of choice and pure disregard for human life is a shoo-in in for solid promotions in this syndicate.


It is now obvious that this sham war with real deaths - the war on terror - is nothing more than a war against "any people" and "all people" who will not submit to sub-human standards. We can now see what we have done "there" right over "here." The crying children are the same and the broken and tired adults are different only in their attire.

Kafka could not have crafted a more sinister masterpiece of depravity and indifference.