01/06/2007 06:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Peace : by Esther Sparks of New Orleans

We are in the midst of a war even stupider and more futile than Vietnam. Sometimes I hear people wonder where are the giant demonstrations, the colorful riots with police clubbing hippies, the excitement of impeaching a Republican president, burning ROTC buildings! But most of all, they ask, where are the protest songs.

Now it's all material girls, thug culture, plastique cleavage, papparrazi crotch shots, bling-bling and quintuple bling.

Here's a song - and a simple, but elegant video - that's climbing the charts on YouTube. Even against competition like "It's so funny, farting babies," and "booty in jeans."

It shows that we, the people, can still do things, still act, still be heard. It shows the importance of the internet - and reminds us that we have to fight to keep free and equal access to it. Who knows, it may increase the size of demonstrations, it might cause a ROTC building to self-immolate (I would never recommend anyone burning a building, not even a car, not even a bicycle) and, to dream that beautiful dream, inch a step closer to impeaching a Republican president.

In the interest of full disclosure, Gillian Farrell, who did the video is my wife. But rather than discrediting my attaching it to my blog, it shows that even after hearing the song several hundred times and seeing the video scores of times, I still like them enough to want to share them.

Peace is by Esther Sparks of New Orleans. And I love her slogan: Make Levees, Not War.