Working Families Hold Own Convention - Adopt Comprehensive Plaftform

10/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Linked via satellite, and using instant, touch-pad voting, working families in Los Angeles, Birmingham and Chicago voted to adopt a comprehensive platform to address issues of low-income families.

In the short video below Joyce Cook participates in the vote and celebration.

This platform was created by working families for working families and is the result of 65 town hall meetings across the country.

Below is the introduction to the platform - created by working families for working families. This is their vision for a better America. I will post the full platform later.


No family should live in poverty

Prosperity and security begin with every person's right to work in a well-paid job, to be healthy and educated and to live in a safe community.

Equal opportunity should lead to equal outcomes.

Public policies should promote everyone's ability to reach their fullest potential and advance the common good.

Families should have an equal voice in shaping policies and the future of their communities.

Society should support family unity, encourage the healthy development of children and youth and foster respect for all people.

Strong families make America stronger.


We will work for change.

We will work collectively in support of families.

We will protect the rights and opportunities of all families.

We will be involved in our communities.

We will teach our children values and character.

We will support our youth.

We will inform others of the issues we face and what we need to do about them.

We will hold our elected officials accountable to the common good.