Barack's Whining Over Debate Shows Why Hillary Is Best to Beat McCain

04/29/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Larry Hirsch Team Leader, Essex County Organizing for Action

To the disdain of the Obama campaign and it's supporters, last Wednesday's debate seemed to veer off script. The beginning of the debate was filled with hard questions on subjects he did not want to answer. The same type of treatment Hillary Clinton has been receiving throughout the campaign. Yes, life in the political spotlight can be tough and you need to be tough to withstand it. Of course the Obama forces have reacted with shock and dismay that their candidate candidate would be given a hard time.

This continued once again with issues Hillary brought up about associations from Obama's past. Accusations about a "kitchen sink" strategy that has no place in a campaign. News to Obama, if he wins the nomination, this is only the warmup act. The Republicans have shown over the past two elections they are willing to search for any shread of information and distort it to smear the Democratic candidate. In addition to what we have seen publicly I refer people to Allen Raymond's recent book How to Rig an Election, for a view as to what goes on behind closed doors.

The unaccustomed pressure of the last couple of weeks has already caused Obama to shed his image as a "new" type of politician and engage in negative attacks on Hillary. Could this be the real Obama, going off his script? The candidate who runs against the Republican attack machine has to be able stand up under pressure and not crack. A candidate who has experience doing that will be the strongest Democrat. It is clear that candidate is Hillary Clinton.

The Republicans have been after her for more than two decades and as she said all the skeletons in her closet have been found. Yet she is still standing. The best candidate will not be one who whines about unfair treatment when attacks happen but one who has withstood the pressure before and knows how to give it back. There should be no surprise attacks that Hillary will not be ready for if she's the nominees, but that could be a concern for Obama. Whoever is the nominee we need to win and not be ambushed by Republicans.