Boeing Contract $1 Billion Waste

12/01/2010 04:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Larry Hirsch Team Leader, Essex County Organizing for Action

I was just watching a CNN story about Boeing contract to build a virtual fence at the Texas Border. Over $1 Billion of Federal Money has been paid on this contract with nothing to show for it. This is just another example of how many federal contractors have little accountability, particularly in the areas of Defense and Homeland Security. This is where government money is wasted, not on Federal Employees. If President Obama wants to freeze Federal Salaries he should also come down just as hard on Federal Contractors. Federal employees who are largely middle class should not pay the price while millionaire contractors go unscathed.

There has to be procedures and the proper staffing in place to monitor these contracts. Federal employees largely save taxpayer money by ensuring that money is properly spent. In my job, I have to monitor the spending of millions of dollars in funds to nonprofits that help the homeless and I do. For-profit military and homeland security contractors should have the same scrutiny. The money saved by freezing Federal employee salaries is a mere pittance compared to what is wasted by many government contractors.

Let me state that, in many cases, contracting out government work is necessary. However, there are many other cases when Federal employees can do the same work for less money and we are accountable to the public. Contractors frequently abuse their privileges though no one seems to point this out as frequently as Federal employees are scapegoated. I hope to be at least one voice doing so here.