To My Fellow Hillary Supporters: Why We Must Unify Behind Obama

06/26/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

To the end, I have been proud to have supported Hillary Clinton for president. Her race showed strength, tenacity and a commitment to improving the lives of all Americans. What spurred many of us on was a belief in issues like ending the war in Iraq, improving our standing in the world, providing universal health care and a number of other progressive causes and believing she was the best person to get us there. Unfortunately despite her best efforts and those of many of us, Hillary was not able to get enough delegates to win the nominations. Many of us have bitter feelings about things that happened during the campaign, however if we look to the big picture and truly care about attaining a better and more just America, we need to put those feelings aside and passionately unite behind the candidacy of Barack Obama.

In her concession speech, Hillary detailed many of the issues she strongly believes in and how Barack Obama shares those beliefs. Because it needs to be clear that John McCain does not. Obama and Hillary agree on most polices and ideals. McCain and Hillary do not. Obama and Hillary both want to move towards ending the war in Iraq soon. McCain does not. Obama and Hillary believe in ending the Bush tax cuts that mostly benefit high income Americans and giving a true tax cut to working Americans that need it. McCain does not. Obama and Hilary believe in moving towards universal health care. McCain does not. Obama and Hillary believe in the rights of workers to unionize and organize to improve their lot. McCain does not. Obama and Hillary believe in taking the measures necessary to protect the rights of all Americans regardless of race, sex, ethnicity or sexual orientation. McCain does not. I could go on and on issues that Obama and Hillary think alike and McCain does not. These are all reasons that Obama must win.

For her campaign and what she has done in the Senate, Hillary deserves a place at the table at the highest levels of the Democratic Party. Whether she ends up on the ticket, serving in the Obama cabinet, or enhancing her position in the Senate, Hillary will continue to have enormous influence and do great things for this country. This should begin with influence on the Party platform and other key areas leading up the Convention and the general election. This will all mean a lot less if John McCain wins. If we want to enhance Hillary's legacies we must join her on the campaign trail for Barack Obama. Our country needs a Democratic president as our future depends on it. With the help of Hillary and others Barack Obama will lead our country in a new and better directions. So I hope to see many of you whom I met on trips to New Hampshire and Pennsylvania or working in New York on the campaign trail this fall to elect Barack Obama!