Murdoch May Unintentionly Encourage Ethics

07/21/2011 01:46 pm ET | Updated Sep 20, 2011

Nauseating is what comes to mind watching the Murdochs disclaim any and all knowledge and responsibility for their unethical behavior.

The culture of a company, for better or for worse, is set by the leaders and only the leaders are responsible after so many years of their bullying of employees, government, business, and individuals.

It often takes a great narcissistic, egotistical bully to finally wake people up to the miscarriages of justice, morality, and ethical behavior. Someone who thinks they can get away with it forever, like those running Enron, eventually trip and expect those around them to pick them up and put them back on their tricycle without anyone letting on that they fell off.

Well, not this time! I say leave them in the mud and act on the fact that just because someone bullied you, you don't have to let them keep doing it.

Cub Scouts know more about how to behave and the sooner the world understands that we don't have to put up with all this crap from bullies, the better.

Just because someone is a tough SOB and beats up those around them doesn't mean you have to continue to reward them for it. Murdoch gives business a bad name and we shouldn't condone the behavior of a sociopath, regardless of whether he makes money for a bunch of people.

How many of these cases do we have to endure before the rest of us take responsibility to stand up and be counted?

How many people quietly went along with the bully telling them that it was OK to break and enter into people's private lives? This is right up there with the most egregious insults to a civilized society.

I hope it stimulates discussion and repercussions that shake up those behaving in such infantile ways. Will it? It's up to you. Tolerate it and get more.

Raise your voice and be heard!

The Patriot Act gives our government the right to do what Murdoch has been doing for years: listen in on our most private conversations, to say nothing of watching our every move. You don't think Murdoch should do it? Why should our government? Murdoch abused his power. Do we really have the necessary checks and balances to prevent the same abuses? Do you really think that information obtained from wiretaps doesn't get sold or passed to people who can abuse their private knowledge?

Dictators throughout the ages have used various events to promote their own agendas. Murdoch is just a dictator in business, as hated as those in politics he has abused.

I think we have only seen the first layer of this rotten onion.

This post has been modified since it was originally published.