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Cristóbal Joshua Alex


Raising Our Voices When Others Try to Silence Them

Cristóbal Joshua Alex | October 20, 2014 | Latino Voices
Forcing voters to use photo ID and perpetuating the myth of rampant voter fraud is nothing more than a strategy to keep growing minority communities on the sidelines. And unfortunately, it works.
Stephen Palacios


Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating, and Pondering

Stephen Palacios | October 20, 2014 | Latino Voices
As Hispanics grow and thrive in the U.S., as seen through the parades, award shows and the like this month, it is useful to think about how Hispanics are reconciling their ethnic heritage with their U.S. identity, and how the U.S. cultural identity is in turn being shaped by the ethnic identity of Hispanics.
Michaela Pommells


Philadelphia School Reform Commission Member Tells Students, "You Belong in Jail"

Michaela Pommells | October 20, 2014 | Latino Voices
Chanting, "SOS, save our schools," and, "Philly is a union town," dozens of students made their voices heard. What happened next has left many in shock and dismay.
Juliana Schwartz

U.S. Politicians' 'Hispandering' Cannot Make Up for Countless Failures to Latinos

Juliana Schwartz | October 17, 2014 | Latino Voices
Watching politicians make speeches honoring Latinos' contributions to our economy and history feels ever more hollow when their policies barely recognize the humanity of so many other Latinos living without papers or seeking asylum in the United States.
Bianca Betancourt

Soy Latina, También

Bianca Betancourt | October 17, 2014 | Latino Voices
"[They think] Sofia Vergara. They think Eva Mendes. They think JLo. They think, you know, all these girls that are very, very light, basically look white and have an accent. And a lot of times [others] and I get dismissed as Latina because we're not immediately identifiable."
Latino Decisions

Lessons Not Learned: Polling Latino Voters, 2014 Colorado Edition

Latino Decisions | October 17, 2014 | Politics
The challenges of polling Latino voters have received less attention in 2014, because there are fewer competitive states and districts this cycles where Latinos are positioned to be influential. A notable exception is Colorado.
National Council of La Raza


Immigration Is Personal to Latino Voters

National Council of La Raza | October 16, 2014 | Latino Voices
The directive from Latino voters is clear: Reform the immigration system and do it quickly. Lives are hanging in the balance and Latino voters won't forget who has helped our community.
Lisa Garcia

Tackling the Unfinished Work of Cesar Chavez

Lisa Garcia | October 16, 2014 | Latino Voices
I, for one, will celebrate the life of Cesar Chavez by continuing the fight for protecting our farmworkers and will keep his legacy alive and well.
Katha Pollitt


The Abortion Conversation We Need To Have

Katha Pollitt | October 16, 2014 | Women
We need to put abortion back into its context, which is the lives and bodies of women, but also the lives of men, and families, and the children those women already have or will have.
Ingrid Vasquez

Turning 21

Ingrid Vasquez | October 16, 2014 | Latino Voices
I'm 21 and not pregnant. That's what everyone expected from me, right? I have black hair, dark skin, and curves. Aren't all of us who look this way supposed to be pregnant by now?
Daisy Hernandez

On Publishing a First Memoir

Daisy Hernandez | October 15, 2014 | Latino Voices
When people hear me say that I grew up in two worlds, they think I mean white and Latino. Most of the time, I mean a world with power and one without it. I mean the lady who approved people for WIC and the women who actually needed the cheese and leche.
Jaime Rojo & Steven Harrington


Painting the Desert: Urban Artists in the Navajo Nation

Jaime Rojo & Steven Harrington | October 15, 2014 | Arts
It's an unusual pairing: Street artists who are accustomed to the grit and grime of deteriorating neighborhoods in the city translating their skills to the desert where the environment is outstandingly more natural than built. In the third year of his experiment inviting artists to paint and wheat-paste in the...
Roque Planas

Latino Votes Must Be Earned, Just Like Everyone Else's

Roque Planas | October 15, 2014 | Latino Voices
An increasingly divisive debate is raging among politically engaged Latinos right now over how to respond to our political leaders' incapacity to reform our immigration system. This should worry politicians in general and Democrats in particular.
Adrianna Quintero


5 Reasons Why I'm Celebrating California's Plastic Bag Ban

Adrianna Quintero | October 14, 2014 | Green
The vast majority of the oceans' surface is polluted with plastic particles, 80 percent of which was trash on land that washed out to sea. These plastics may get broken down into tiny pieces, incorporated into glaciers, or swallowed up by animals, but they never really disappear.
Laura Stepp


The Story Behind Baby Showers for Teen Latino Parents

Laura Stepp | October 14, 2014 | Latino Voices
The public shame her mother experienced is not as severe these days for young women in similar circumstances. Nor should it be, says Arroyo. But, she notes, Latinos are just as concerned as other Americans that too many young people are having babies too early.
Cristóbal Joshua Alex


Ensuring the Voices of Government Reflect the People They Represent

Cristóbal Joshua Alex | October 14, 2014 | Latino Voices
This is not just about electing black and Latino leaders to local, state and national office, but also holding those leaders accountable -- setting an agenda and building the type of power to ensure policies and laws reflect our values and needs.
Wendell Potter


Why Some Republicans Think Health Insurance for Undocumented Residents Makes Sense

Wendell Potter | October 14, 2014 | Politics
Democrats in Congress decided not to provide coverage to the estimated 11.5 million undocumented residents in the U.S. Actually, it'd be more accurate to say that many of them were unwilling to vote for a reform bill enabling undocumented residents to buy coverage on the state health insurance exchanges out of fear of jeopardizing their re-election chances.
American Heart Association


Increasing Diversity in the Medical Field

American Heart Association | October 13, 2014 | Latino Voices
It's no medical mystery; it's a fact: Patients who receive culturally-sensitive care from health care providers of the same background, are more satisfied with and engaged in their treatment.
Yoani Sanchez


Leopoldo Lopez's Wife, Lilian Tintori, Speaks About Repression in Venezuela

Yoani Sanchez | October 13, 2014 | World
"My husband, Leopoldo Lopez, is in prison for saying what all of Venezuela wanted to hear."
Angela Arboleda

Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Healthy Latino Families

Angela Arboleda | October 13, 2014 | Latino Voices
There is a lot of misinformation out there about the food we eat and the foods Hispanics have enjoyed for decades. The truth is Latinos have a diet that is historically rich in fish, beans, whole grains and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
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