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Carlos Sanchez

Think Trump Is Bad? In Important Ways, Some of His Opponents Are Worse

Carlos Sanchez | August 28, 2015 | Latino Voices
I was disgusted -- but not surprised -- when Donald Trump kicked Jorge Ramos out of a press conference, telling him to "go back to Univision." It's important that we speak out against his abhorrent rhetoric and tactics. But we can't let Donald Trump distract us.
Francisco Micheo-Marcial

¡Basta ya, Donald Trump!

Francisco Micheo-Marcial | August 28, 2015 | Latino Voices
There is solace in the fact that Trump's presidential campaign is a circus act with sideshows such as Ann Coulter. We all have laughed at some of his absurd statements, but the joke is slowly starting to turn on us.
Bernie Shine

Trump: 'Making America Hate Again!'

Bernie Shine | August 27, 2015 | Entertainment
Admittedly Donald Trump is the class clown -- and the schoolyard bully. Oddly, also the teacher's pet. But his toxic mix of egotism, cynicism and racism simply isn't entertaining. It is, however, still a spectacle.
Justin Johnson

The Two Reasons Why I Start and End Each Day Reading an Obituary

Justin Johnson | August 27, 2015 | Latino Voices
While death is frightening to many, I find it motivating in the sense I am no longer afraid to live and do things that I use to think twice about
Harry Franqui-Rivera, Ph.D.

Donald Trump is the New Palin Only Richer and Meaner

Harry Franqui-Rivera, Ph.D. | August 27, 2015 | Latino Voices
Trump's campaign has revitalized the intolerant and the hateful. It has allowed for racists, misogynists and homophobes to be so openly and proudly. But that is not where this country is moving. Trump is playing all the wrong cards and has not realized that his Palin moment is over.
Thiago de Araújo

Apparently Going to the Beach Is Now a Crime in Rio. Driving With 14 DUI Tickets Is Not

Thiago de Araújo | August 27, 2015 | Black Voices
There is no such thing as presumption of innocence if you are a poor, black Brazilian who wants to go to the beach in a part of the city "where you are not supposed to be."
Michael Shammas

From a Recipient of Birthright Citizenship: Immigration Made America Great, Because Immigrants Are Us

Michael Shammas | August 27, 2015 | Politics
Whether we are descended from majority who came here willfully and found a better life, or from the many who came here unwillingly and lived lives of destitution and terror, the fact remains: We are all transplants, all the descendants of immigrants who desired to have a flourishing life.
Alev Dudek

All Americans Not Equal: Mistrust and Discrimination Against Naturalized Citizens in the U.S.

Alev Dudek | August 27, 2015 | Politics
Approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population is foreign-born, of which about six percent are naturalized U.S. citizens. Given the image associated with immigrants, one would assume that all Americans in the U.S., natural born or naturalized, have equal worth as citizens. This, however, is not necessarily the case.
Julio Pabon

A Developing Pride of Puerto Rico in MLB

Julio Pabon | August 27, 2015 | Latino Voices
Carlos Correa has demonstrated his worth since his debut in June of this year. He has demonstrated his ability both offensively and defensively. He brings a new face to baseball. He's is a 5-tool player. He's Latino and he is bilingual with an elder charm.
Javier Sierra

The Incredible Shrinking Mineral: How It Went from King Coal to Coal Kills

Javier Sierra | August 27, 2015 | Green
Coal is a dead man walking because of two fundamental reasons: the revelation of the true cost of its deadly pollution and the booming clean energy economy. Both reasons disproportionately impact the Latino community.
María Carla Sánchez

I Am an Anchor Baby

María Carla Sánchez | August 27, 2015 | Latino Voices
"No more anchor babies!" "We'll make the illegals build the wall!" "Repeal the 14th Amendment!" Whatever leads us to our next president, I fear there will be nothing inspirational, sublime, or hopeful about it. The hateful hounds are already loose, and they are very, very loud.
VL Action Network

We Won't Vote For You, Donald Trump. So We Made This Video.

VL Action Network | August 26, 2015 | Latino Voices
Voto Latino Action Network is dedicated to dispelling false information aimed and harming the Latino community. Unfortunately, this has become a common occurrence with politicians like Donald Trump trying to suppress our community.
Daniel Cubias

The Demonization of Latinos and the Coming End Times

Daniel Cubias | August 26, 2015 | Latino Voices
Many conservatives have morphed into extreme preppers, warning everyone of the coming Armageddon, while secretly hoping that it will arrive right on time to prove them correct.
Lourdes Duarte

Confessions of a Latina Arrepentida

Lourdes Duarte | August 26, 2015 | Latino Voices
After suffering through too many inauthentic portrayals of both Latinas and the Magic City on screen, I decided to do something about it. Because I'll be DAMNED if another feisty Cuban girl in the 305 is growing up resenting her heritage, too.
Jorge Madrid

'Eastside Sol' Kicks Off Community Solar Campaign in Los Angeles (VIDEO)

Jorge Madrid | August 26, 2015 | Los Angeles
I smell vehicle exhaust and feel the heat trapped in my neighborhood and many like it on the eastside, where communities are bisected by freeways, surrounded by toxic facilities, and bound by a jungle of concrete. But it doesn't have to be like this.
Ana Beatriz Cholo

Getting Wild: This Latina Finally Gets to Experience the Thrill of the Outdoors

Ana Beatriz Cholo | August 26, 2015 | Latino Voices
So much was off-limits to me because of my culture and my traditional parents. I was not allowed to have sleepovers or sleep at anyone's house. When I wanted to skateboard, I was firmly told no. That was for boys. Besides, good girls stay home to mind their business, but boys could stay out because, well, they were boys. It was their birthright.
Yoani Sanchez

The Missing Statistics on Women in Cuba

Yoani Sanchez | August 26, 2015 | World
Living in a country where there is no female circumcision or forced marriages, where women are not forbidden to drive a car, is not sufficient reason to breathe easily and believe that the serious problem of gender inequality is resolved.
Joe Peyronnin

Trump vs. Ramos

Joe Peyronnin | August 26, 2015 | Media
Jorge Ramos, who became and American citizen in 2008, takes his role as a journalist seriously. He left his job as a reporter in Mexico because he didn't want to be told what to say. He has succeeded beyond his dreams in reporting on the issues and concerns of his audience.
Arturo Carmona

Is the Charter Merger Worse Than Comcast's for Latino Communities? It's Not Looking Good But We'll Find Out

Arturo Carmona | August 26, 2015 | Latino Voices
Presente, the organization I direct, strongly opposed the Comcast-TWC merger because creating a cable mega-company would have had a broad negative impact on Latino customers.
Henry Fernandez

Donald Trump Is Killing the Republican Party

Henry Fernandez | August 25, 2015 | Latino Voices
Being anti-immigrant is no longer the Trump brand, it's now the Republican brand and will be inescapable for the Republican nominee.
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