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Michelle Chen


Missed Opportunity: Immigrants and Women in the Election

Michelle Chen | Posted September 13, 2012

The narratives on the convention stage aimed to make those third-rail issues palatable to a prime-time audience, not to advance a progressive political discourse.
Eddie Cota


Gaby Moreno Releases Postales

Eddie Cota | Posted September 13, 2012

Gaby Moreno released her first all-Spanish album Postales earlier this month. I sat down with her at my Los Feliz neighborhood café to discuss her new music, that I believe has the potential to break boundaries and integrate new audiences to Spanish-language music.
Kerry Eleveld


When You Love Your Base, They Love Back

Kerry Eleveld | Posted September 13, 2012

After the constant mentions of reproductive rights, DREAMers, and same-sex marriage, one might have thought women, immigration activists, and gays were Democrats' sole constituents. As it turns out, they aren't. They just happen to be extremely important.
Cheryl B. Anderson


Divide and Conquer -- Remix

Cheryl B. Anderson | Posted September 13, 2012

Our nation's foundational creed that "all men are created equal" has not always been reflected in our actions. Those actions have tended to marginalize those who are not white, not male, and not heterosexual.
Sofia Aguilar


Pushing for self-Deportation, an Act of Love

Sofia Aguilar | Posted September 13, 2012

Republicans may continue to harass and bully 11 million illegal immigrants but they're wasting their time, many of them already built a life and a family here and they're decent and honest people who call this country home - even if Romney wants them out.
Mamas Latinas


Mitt Romney Really Wishes He Were Mexican!

Mamas Latinas | Posted October 2, 2012

Did you know Mitt Romney has ties to Mexico? His great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, moved to Mexico in 1885 because he had multiple wives (as Mormon law then permitted) and wanted to escape the anti-polygamy laws in the United States.
Tanja M. Laden


Narcolandia Art Exhibition Explores Drug-and-Gun Culture (PHOTOS)

Tanja M. Laden | Posted September 13, 2012

Narcolandia features a range of colorful imagery and graphic depictions of a dark subject: drugs and guns, highlighting the tacit and illicit exchange that's often overshadowed by the broader and less complicated issue of immigration.