12/22/2012 12:45 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2013

What British Teens Love about America

After reading a blog post on HuffPost Teen by an American teen about the "new British invasion" and why American teens have a love for all things British, I was inspired to write an article from a British teen's perspective. It seems that both British and American teens want to be on the other side of the Atlantic from the one they are, in fact, on.

I live in Glasgow, a city in Scotland, which is part of the United Kingdom and the country above England. So, even though I'm not English, I am a British teen. It may seem that in America it is "Britannia Mania" right now, especially in the music industry, but the same could be said about British teens loving all things American. British teens love America for numerous reasons but here are a few tasters of what American things teens in the U.K. lust over:

American High Schools - Growing up watching channels such as Disney and Nickelodeon (yes, we have them as well!) with programs such as "Hannah Montana" and "iCarly," the portrayal of high schools in the U.S. makes us Brits wish we attended an American high school. With pep rallies, football games, and NO SCHOOL UNIFORMS, high school in America seems like such an adventure and a million miles away from the stringent British school system, where a uniform is normally compulsory so teens cannot let their personalities shine through in what they wear. Any British teen's ideal school would be an American high school, because it seems so very cool on television.

Accents - Just as American teens love a British accent, we British are suckers for a good American accent. The accent is so diverse and most British teens have one version of an American accent, whether it is New Yorker, Southern, or Valley-style, down to a tee. Slang -- phrases such as "what's up?" "dude" and "chill" -- and all American Colloquialisms have slowly worked their way into British teens every day language and it is very common to hear them used. British teens love trying out American phrases on each other, especially the ones we see in the movies.

Weather - Some parts of the U.S. don't have the lovely sunshine that is portrayed on TV, but many parts do not have anything near the horrible typical British weather. Many British teens pine for the chance to actually be able to wear shorts in the summer, rather than jeans. We are so jealous of you in America (apart from those in the northwest) and hope you cherish the weather you have because in one word the weather here is... dreadful.

Candy (or "sweets" as they are more commonly called here) - British teens are so envious about the variety and choice that American teens have in the sweet department. It has reached such heights that there are even shops that specialise in importing American candy. We British are infatuated by the catchy names and oh-so-addicting flavours of your tremendous candy choices. My personal favourite are Twizzlers -- I just cannot get enough of them!