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Laura Ching
Prior to the creation of Tiny Prints, Laura Ching served in various merchandising and marketing roles at A Hawaii native, Ching became a paper lover at an early age watching her mom write handwritten notes every time she received a gift or a nice gesture. It was inevitable that Ching would eventually combine her business background with her love of stationery and design.

Ching studied economics at Stanford University and received a degree from Stanford Business School. It was there that she met her fellow co-founder, Ed Han who would later introduce her to their third partner, Kelly Berger. While working for separate companies, the group began meeting to discuss business ideas. They wanted to create a company that would allow them to use their complimentary skills – operations for Han, technology for Berger and design for Ching – and would not require help from outside investors. When Han’s wife gave birth and they were unable to find modern, stylish baby announcements, the idea for Tiny Prints was born. Tiny Prints launched in 2003 and quickly became a success. By 2005, the company surpassed $10 million in sales. Today, you can see Ching’s effortless island style in many of the designs on the site.

Blog Entries by Laura Ching

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