04/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Pennsylvanians Revel In The "Bitter" Truth

HARRISBURG-- Senator Barack Obama spoke to a crowd outside the majestic State Capital Saturday, and when he specifically addressed the people of Harrisburg about change that is not happening in Washington regarding healthcare, a voice from the crowd shouted, "that's why we're bitter." [about the 1:06 mark].

The crowd erupted in laughter, and Obama, with a slightly more contained snicker said, "I'm not gonna touch that." He was referring to the "bittergate" story that erupted into a political media frenzy last week.

What was once a media firestorm, seems to have cooled down to be more of a joke, at least tonight. So what did some Pennsylvanians who attended, think about the bitter story?

"Bitter? No, why should I. I'm an American," said Harrisburg resident, Ronaldo Davis, who described himself as feeling "reinvigorated" after the rally.

Phyllis Sweeting and co-worker Julie, both from Harrisburg, attended the rally together. Sweeting said gas prices were out of control, and the economy was the most important issue to her. Julie agreed, but added morality and family values were important to her as well. After the rally Sweeting said she felt "energized" and Julie said she felt "hopeful."

When asked about the bitter story, Sweeting said it was taken out of context, and Julie said the comments turned into "mud-slinging" by Hillary Clinton.

Obama delievered his stump speech Saturday. He also talked about the difference between him and Hillary Clinton. He said, "Senator Clinton would be vastly better than George Bush, but that is a very low bar."

He also told the crowd the Democratic Party would be unified in the fall. He said, "there is nothing we can't do, nothing we can't accomplish, if we are unified." He spoke to the crowd alongside Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. whom he was with earlier today, on multiple train-whistle stops that did a tour in the surrounding areas of Philadelphia.

At the conclusion of the event was the song that is consistent at his rally stops around the country, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered."

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