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Laura McHolm

Recently featured in Ladies' Home Journal as one of 16 women making the world a happier place, and one of the few women at the helm of a moving company, Laura McHolm had an unlikely start for a moving company co-founder.

Laura taught basic programming on Apple computers then worked in marketing for Atari while the company was still in its infancy, and after law school, she worked as a corporate intellectual property lawyer. In the mid-1990s she moved away from the Fortune 500 to fulfill her more creative, entrepreneurial spirit and partnered with Ram Katalan to launch NorthStar Moving® Company in Los Angeles.

Today, her fastest growing privately held company is the go to mover for The Getty, A-List celebrities, and other movers and shakers. Her company has redefined the moving industry as the first to offer “eco-luxury” moving services, elevating basic moving and storage services to a new unparalleled level of customer service, customized care and environmental consciousness. NorthStar Moving has been honored with more awards for service than any other moving company. Laura has broken the long-held notion of moving and storage as burly men doing one job – lifting heavy things.

As a child, Laura drove her mother crazy when asked to clean her room, she’d start by completely emptying out her closet and drawers. This quirk turned into a passion for organization, developing systems, solving logistical problems and basically stream-lining life. She even has a special method for folding a bath towel. Using her techniques, her staff assists her clients (a client list that would make any top Hollywood agent green with envy) cleanse their closets, pantries, and sort their entire home before a move. Laura has been consistently nominated for multiple awards (ala Susan Lucci) including: CEO of the Year, Business Woman of the Decade, Philanthropist of the Year, but actually snagged the Trailblazer of the Year award. Laura lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband and spunky rescue dog Lee-Loo and practices yoga, travels frequently to Paris, drinks way too much champagne, does community work, refers to herself as a bleeding heart liberal and, of course, takes walks by the ocean. For more information, please visit or call (800) Ask-Pros (800) 275-7767

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Moving Day Countdown: A Weekly Checklist

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It's May and you are probably thinking of Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day and Memorial Day celebrations. But did you know May is also National Moving Month? It "may" not be a reason to celebrate, but certainly moving will be on the mind of millions this month.


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