06/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Child obesity -- What Do You Think Is the Solution?

There is a lot of press about the health of children and obesity. I have been poking around and researching different theories but I want to hear from you. What do you think is the cause?

Is it food additives and preservatives? Is it artificially hydrogenated fats and transfats? Is it the food kids get at school? Is it the food they are eating at home? Is it our portion sizes that are too big? Is it the amount of sugar and corn syrup in so many foods? Is it the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in many diets? Is is too expensive to eat well? Is it school gym classes and sports being cancelled? Is it fewer and shorter recesses at school?

Is it parents not letting children play? Is it homework overload? It is both parents working so neighborhoods don't feel as safe anymore? Are there more crimes against children or do we just hear about it more? Is it kids not having safe places to play? Is it fear of lawsuits or broken arms? Is it Is it the lure of TV, cell phones, video games and computers that are more attractive and captivating to kids after school and on weekends than the outdoors, where many of us spent hours daily? Are kids running the show at home with food and activities due to parental guilt for working or being divorced. Is it the amount of meat and dairy consumed?

Is is lack of cooking skills? Did parents and grandparents stop teaching kids to cook or was it when home ec stopped in school? Are people too busy to eat well from scratch and take care of their bodies? Is it because kids are better imitators than listeners so the kids are not healthy because the adults in their lives are unhealthy?

These are just a few of the theories I have found. If yours is not listed, please tell me what it is and the solution. I think that as a country we can figure this out and have the majority of people who want to be fit and healthy achieve that.

What do YOU think are the top 1-2 causes and what steps do YOU suggest we look at doing to move more towards healthy and fit?