03/02/2015 03:30 pm ET | Updated May 02, 2015

6 Ways to Constantly Feel Supported

Feeling loved is the one thing we all want. It provides a safe and comforting feeling. With intimate and genuine relationships, our world is opened up and we don't feel alone.

With this support, we don't value material possessions as highly and feel more centered and grateful. How do we find this constant feeling of support? How can we tap into this even when we are alone and not surrounded by the people we love and care about?

I remember many moments in my life where I was searching for that support. I wanted to feel as though I belonged. I didn't want to make the effort though. I was too scared. I looked around and would see couples walking hand in hand in the streets and out to a romantic candlelit dinner. I would see friends laughing hard and walking in the streets and just at ease with one another.

I so badly wanted this sense of connection and support. I spent years thinking no one understood me and feeling unworthy, so making true connection a part of my reality terrified me. My perception was based in fear and didn't allow me to see that feeling supported was something I was capable of having in my life.

So here are six ways to constantly feel supported:

1. Have meaningful conversations.
There is something to be said about conversations that are intimate and meaningful. You are fully present, fully aware, and able to feel love and support. It is here that a bond is formed and that is a bond that you can choose to feel at any moment you choose. This bond is a reminder that you are not alone and always supported.

2. Be a giver of love.
By making the conscious choice to be understanding and compassionate, you are connected to yourself. The more judgmental you are, the more disconnected you are. So focus on giving love even in those moments where you are tempted to judge.

3. Be patient and compassionate.
You always have the choice to embrace these qualities. They are innately in you, yet they can be blocked off from time to time. By choosing to be patient and compassionate, you are choosing love. By choosing love, you are choosing connection and support not only from others, but also from yourself.

4. Value the people you have in your life.
When you are in a place of fear and isolation, it is hard to tap into the gratitude around you. Those feelings are natural, yet you have the ability to take the actions to move to a place of support. In those moments, focus on the people you love and care about. Focus on the honest and genuine relationships you have. You're not alone in those moments.

5. Give the gift of your presence.
Your presence is where beauty lies. It is here that you can tap into all the innate qualities of love and compassion you possess. By truly listening to others, you are opening yourself up. Through opening yourself up, you are fully connected and fully supported.

6. Change your beliefs about love.
Remember that you do matter. You are important. You are worthy of love. All too often, our belief about ourselves and the world around us becomes skewed and we lose sight of what really matters. What really matters is the love and support that constantly surrounds us.