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Lauren Zumbach
Lauren Zumbach is a member of Princeton’s University Press Club. She is a regular contributor to the Trenton Times and blogs at The Ink, and is also the director of Princeton’s TigerLaunch business plan competition. You can contact her at her website,

Blog Entries by Lauren Zumbach

The New Twitter Revolution

Posted May 9, 2011 | 16:12:55 (EST)

The list of "Twitter revolutions" is growing -- the Moldova civil unrest and Iranian election protests of 2009, and the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions of 2011, have all been at least partly attributed to the social networking phenomenon's ability to connect groups without alternative ways of organizing.

But Twitter is...

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Students Compete to Be Top in Tech at Google Games

Posted April 13, 2011 | 13:38:53 (EST)

Google Games feels a bit like the Olympics of tech, with teams from rival colleges coming together to strive for victory in events that test the limits of their endurance -- mental endurance, at least.

This is the biggest year yet for Google Games, which began in 2007 as...

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