05/25/2011 11:45 am ET

Around six million children have been prescribed Ritalin and millions more have abused the drug recreationally. Anti-depressant use has "soared over the past decade," carrying a doubled risk of suicidality. One in five American teenagers have used prescription painkillers to get high. Steroid abuse is becoming a rite of passage for high school athletes.

That's why I wanted to make my most recent movie, Chumscrubber. It's a struggle to get the word out about this problem facing our youth, yet everyone needs to see the dangers this abuse presents. And sometimes it's easier to do through comedy than through preaching.

Whenever you make a movie about issues, the story has to be entertaining, and that's why this project is interesting - because the story itself is so compelling. Of course I want the movie to be a runaway success at the box office (who doesn't want that?), but I also hope it can launch a national conversation about the way we're abusing our children.