Musings, Friday, Around 3 A.M.

11/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Lea Lane Author, Travel Tales I Couldn't Put in the Guidebooks

This is ridiculous. I've been tossing for almost an hour now. Should I take part of a pill? No, I'll turn on the TV with the sleep element. 30 minutes, no 60. Too loud. I don't want to hear the words. Just the noise. Repeat of Larry King. Michael Moore is on. Not good to look at. Reminds me of all the problems. MSNBC? How many times can I watch Pat Buchanan? Stay with Moore.

I'm freezing, I wish the cat would move higher up so I could use her as a scarf. She's sleeping so peacefully, I hate to disturb her. I wish I were a cat right now, curled up like that.

Will he really win this thing? And if he does, can he do much about the economy? Am I really losing my funds? I'll have to rent the Florida place. I don't need it. Will I be able to rent it? How long will it take? Will that be enough to keep me solvent? Maybe I'll tutor. Will anyone be able to afford a tutor? There's always the alcove in my son's living room. No.

I wish this election would come already. I'll bet the machines in Ohio are fixed again. Florida is a mess again. The lines are so long. I wonder if they got my ballot. Maybe it will count.

Those jerks are going to play dirty tricks these last days. They have that desperate look. Why are they so ruthless? Cindy's face scares me when she trashes Obama. She sends a chill down my spine. Elisabeth Hasselbeck scares me, too. Why are all those conservative women blond? What's that about? Omigod, Ann Coulter. Where have they hid her? I can't think of her. I need to sleep.

I wonder if Obama's grandma will live to see him president. I hope she makes it. I wonder if she's conscious now. What a shame. Toot. That is so touching. He's so amazing. I hope he will be safe. The good ones are the most threatening to them. That mean man who made fun of him visiting his grandmother yesterday. So mean.

I have to lower the TV. Better. The cat still hasn't moved. I'll turn my back to the TV. Better.

Scan is coming in six weeks. Don't go there. Too scary. I feel great. So far, so good. Can't do anything anyway. I was lucky it was so early. Think of other things. Sarah Palin. No!

New Zealand will be a challenge. Have to build up. Call the doctor for a flu shot, tomorrow. I'm so lucky to finally go there.

Oh, the cat is moving. I can lift her now. She's so warm. Such a good companion. I miss Chaim. Don't go there. She is warm.

Tomorrow I'll go to the market and get a chicken. Rand and his family come for dinner on Sunday. He and Jen will watch the Giants. I'll build a pile of leaves and let the girls jump in them. They're so adorable. I can still amuse them with things like that. I love them so much.

The cat is warming me. I hope tomorrow is sunny. I'll go to Curves. Maybe I lost another pound. I have some oatmeal in the fridge from yesterday. Michael Moore is still talking. I feel sleepy.

I hope Obama wins. I think he will. Omigod, I think he will. He is so calm. So calm....

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